Profile Dr. Karl Hermann Bruch


PhD at  the Institute for nonferrous process technology and Electrometallurgy , RWTH Aachen

1992 - 1995 Plant Manager at UR Chemie GmbH, Dortmund , Saltslag and filter dust processing of the Bruch group of companies
1996 - 2009

Managing Partner of the Bruch group of companies, Dortmund, with three aluminium foundries and a tin foundry

2009 - 2010

Division Manager of Kuettner Non Ferrous GmbH, Essen - International plant constructions

2011 - 06.2014

Managing Director of ScholzAlu Trading GmbH, Essingen – subgroup of Scholz AG – aluminium division

06.2014 - 12.2014

Managing Partner of ScholzAlu Stockach GmbH, 
Stockach, Germany, after MBO 

2015 - 07.2016

Managing Director of ScholzAlu Stockach GmbH

2014 - today

Managing Partner of the following companies:

2014 BBB Beratungs- und Beteiligungs GmbH,
Consulting, participation and trade

2016 TpT Thermal pro Technology GmbH,
Process Engineering and plant construction

2017 Kaiser Feuerfest-Montage-GmbH
Refractory Services